Escribo este tema aquí, porque estábamos petando el post del EM, y en cambio nadie contaba aventurillas del mismo.

Efectivamente, Bulsara, hace referencia a la verdadera identidad del gran Freddie Mercury, uséase Farookh Bulsara. Nació el 5 de septeimbre de 1946 en Zanzibar, Tanzania y murió de sida el 24 de noviembre de 1991.

Aunque existen muchas biografía y no tendréis problemas en encontralas en internet, os pongo aquí la de la página oficial de Queen, en donde hay garantías de que no hay mentiras, cosa que pasa mucho en otras biografías. Está en inglés, y paso de traducirla, pa qué nos vamos a engañar.

Por cierto, es evidente, que siento una especial admiración por este artista. Él es “la voz”.  El mayor ejemplo de frontman. Lo daba todo en el escenario, y sin embargo, era una persona extremadamente tímida fuera de él. Como él solía decir: “I’m just a singer”. Y a pesar de los pesares, estoy seguro de que está en cielo, porque ante todo, era “una buena persona”. Pobre del que haga algún comentario jocoso acerca de sus tendencias sexuales.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury


Real Name: Farookh Bulsara
Birthday: September 5, 1946
Birthplace: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Died: November 24, 1991 of AIDS in his home, in London.
Height: 5\’ 9″ (175.2 cm)
Talents: Vocals, piano, tantrums, guitar, keyboards, synth, vocals and more vocals!
Favorite singer: Aretha Franklin
Favorite actress: Marilyn Monroe
Favorite drink: Champaign, iced Vodka
Favorite food: Indian

While in Bombay at St Peters Boarding School Fred joined his first band The Hectics in 1959. They only performed at the school byut young Freddie would be sitting at the piano totally enjoying being a performer and on stage.

After moving to London he started making friends – who happened to be in various bands. He eventually worked with one of these friends Roger Taylor and they set up a stall in Kensington Market.

He was so keen to be in a band himself he hooked up with a group who had travelled from Liverpool seeking fame in fortune in the capital.

During August of 1969 Freddie joined the group called Ibex as their lead singer. Concerts had been arranged in the North West of England and Freddie travelled out of London to perform in his new band. August 23rd their first show at Bolton Octagon Theatre gave Freddie the chance to show his skills.

At one of the shows on September 9th history was in the making at Liverpool The Sink. Brian and Roger travelled to see him play and before the end of the show both guys joined him on stage! For the first time anywhere Liverpool was the city where Freddie, Brian and Roger played together on a stage. One week later Freddie played his last show with Ibex at St Helens College of Technology.

Back in London he couldn’t not be in a band and found himself in a group called Wreckage. The following month on Guy Fawkes Night played his first gig with them at Imperial College supporting Iron butterfly.

Two months later it was the end of the line for Wreckage. On December 12th Freddie played his final gig at Widnes Wade Deacon Grammar School. Once again history would be in the making in Merseyside. Freddie lifted his microphone and the top bit broke away from the main stand and he carried on the show with his shortened mic stand – this would later become his trademark!

The following year on March 1st Freddie auditioned to join a band Sour Milk Sea – he was successful. Within 20 days he was performing live with them at Oxford Headington Parish Hall. He only lasted for 3 shows and on April 3rd at London Temple he bid them goodbye.

No band again and he found that his two best friends Brian and Roger had split from their band – this was his chance now to join them – he was keen to do so and attended many of Smiles shows and wanted to be on stage with the two of them.

He asked them to join him to form a new band who would be majestic and go on to big things……Brian and Roger had nothing to lose and agreed!


The first they realised was they would need a bass player. Roger asked his old friend from Truro Mike Grose would he consider joining. Mike agreed and travelled to London. He had already met Brian and Freddie.

The big discussion was what to call this band and they eventually choose the name Queen.

On June 27th 1970 Queen gave their inaugural performance at Truro City Hall – even though the gig was billed as Smile. Roger promised his mother the band would play at a charity gig she was organising – he didn’t want to let her down!

The band went on from strength to strength. Though they couldn’t keep a bass player!

At one show on October 16th a certain bass player was in the audience at College of Estates Management Hall – his name was John Deacon.

The following year in 1971 Brian and Roger attend a disco at Maria Assumpta Teaching Training College and John Deacon was at the same disco. The guys were introduced to him. They told him they were looking for a bass player and asked if he would like to audition with them and their lead singer – he agreed… Freddie tragically died on November 24th, 1991 at the age of 45, of AIDS related bronchial pneumonia. Interesting


  • Freddie had 30 pets Japanese carp fish worth at the time he bought them 1,000 pounds each.
  • However the poor fancy fish met a tragic end when they died after their pool being cleaned.
  • Freddie had an extravagant taste in art.
  • He once bought a set of hand-painted china for 250,000 pounds and went to Geneva to learn how to make the stuff himself.

3 Responses to “Bulsara”

  1. 1 Alex julio 19, 2006 a las 6:46 pm

    Pues eso, que estaba en lo cierto. Je, je. Por cierto, el poster del doble de Freddy, dónde lo has puesto. Por que espero que esté ahora mismo en Bruselas. Que ahí hubo mucho curro. pon fotos ya.
    portate bien

  2. 2 Anacleto Bulsara julio 19, 2006 a las 8:44 pm

    Sí, lo estabas, al igual que tu hermano Lucas. En cuanto a lo del poster… ya os dije que es el mejor regalo que me han hecho nunca, me moría de la ilusión, pero el problema es el trasporte. Pero está pensado traerlo en el próximo viaje que haga de Madrid a Bruselas. Compraré un tubo de esos para llevar posters grandes. Soy consciente del curro que tenía detrás.

  1. 1 Feliz Cumpleaños Freddie « Diario de un inconformista Trackback en septiembre 5, 2008 a las 5:47 pm


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